Why Halloween IS scary

Every year I see streams of carved pumpkins on social media, many of which are genuinely impressive and bursting with artistic flair. I’m not against pumpkin carving as an activity, I’m against how much pumpkin is wasted every year as people discard the pumpkin flesh and seeds after carving their masterpieces.

If everyone ate their pumpkins, it would make enough soup to feed everyone in Britain. There are 780 million people in the world without enough food, yet we are throwing away food without even a thought.

In the UK alone, 15 million pumpkins go to waste instead of being eaten every year.  A third of these end up in landfills.

Hubbub are campaigning to prevent pumpkin wastage at Halloween

In this modern age of social media, surely we could take photos of our carvings and then instead of leaving perfectly edible food rotting in our houses or on our doorstep, we could actually eat them?! (Also, rotting pumpkins smell vile so I’m not sure why we’ve ever done this in the first place?!).

Halloween is increasingly popular in the UK, but we seem to have ignored a crucial part of the US tradition: cooking with pumpkins rather than throwing them in the bin. With household food under pressure it’s time we rescued the pumpkin,”- Trewin Restorick, Hubbub.

I think a lot of people are nervous of trying pumpkin, but it is truly delicious and so versatile; you can use it for both sweet and savoury dishes! Admittedly, the smaller pumpkins tend to contain less water content and taste better, but even the biggest ones are definitely usable. If you find you’ve got too much pumpkin flesh to use in one go, fear not- you can freeze it for up to 8 months!

Here is a list of pumpkin recipes you could make this halloween:

Pumpkin pie– an American favourite which for some reason hasn’t caught on in the UK. It’s my favourite dessert of all time; trust me, give it a go!

I decided to use my pumpkin to make a pie this year and one pumpkin provided enough mixture to make 3 pies!

Pumpkin soup – perfect for those chilly evening that are creeping in.

Pumpkin and almond waffles– This sounds amazing?!

Pumpkin and peanut curry – Another recipe I’m definitely going to be trying soon!

Pumpkin is very similar to other squashes (e.g. butternut), so it’s extremely versatile. Don’t be afraid to experiment! If none of the recipes I’ve listed tickle your fancy, have a Google and you’ll quickly find that the possibilities are endless!

Top tip: If you keep your pumpkin out of the sun and off of wooden surfaces it’ll stay hard and fresh for a lot longer! 

Where should you buy your pumpkins?

I usually avoid Waitrose as they do so many delicious things I end up spending a fortune, but if you do decide to get a pumpkin this Halloween, I really recommend getting it from Waitrose; they are selling sustainably farmed pumpkins (and for once, they’re not ridiculously expensive!).

Look for the LEAF logo on your pumpkins, which show they were farmed sustainably!

Even better, grow your own pumpkin. I’ve not done this myself, but apparently it’s quite easy (if you’ve got a patch of land).

Want to read more? 

Check out Hubbub, they’ve set up an awesome campaign to save the pumpkin! Friends of the Earth have also got involved, click here for some more tips/information from them.


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