Why Halloween IS scary

Every year I see streams of carved pumpkins on social media, many of which are genuinely impressive and bursting with artistic flair. I'm not against pumpkin carving as an activity, I'm against how much pumpkin is wasted every year as people discard the pumpkin flesh and seeds after carving their masterpieces. If everyone ate their... Continue Reading →

Can we live with a warmer planet?

'Humanity is performing an unprecedented experiment on global temperatures, releasing millions of parts of carbon which had been sequestered for millions of years.' - Mark Lynas, Author of 6 Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet I've always been fascinated by climate change, so I was excited to attend a recent discussion at the University... Continue Reading →

PhD: First day!

Today was a very big day: I started my PhD! I decided to write a quick post about how my first day went to give other readers some idea of what to expect if they're due to embark a PhD; there's nothing worse than having that awful 'fear of the unknown' feeling. 

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