Favourite things: August 2017

Each month I’m posting a few of my favourite (mostly science related) things. You can read my July favourites here.

Favourite blog

Tell me about your research, this time with feeling‘ –  Susana Martinez-Conde & Stephen L. Macknik

This is an excellent blog post about how science communication needs to build emotional relationships with the public in order to increase engagement. It suggested that scientists should learn from effective storytelling narratives in fiction writing and use it in their own scientific writing.

I have also nominated a few of my favourite blogs for the ‘Versatile blogger award‘ after being awarded it myself by Conservationist Krissy (also a great blog).

What I’m watching

We watched ‘Chasing ice’ this month and although I’m very much aware of climate change, it was incredible to visually observe just how drastic current glacial retreat is. I’m also halfway through ‘Chasing coral’, and I’ve enjoyed that so far too.

‘An inconvenient sequel’ is a slightly different story, and I’m torn as to how I feel about it. I’ll be writing a dedicated post about this shortly!

Saskatchewan glacial retreat time lapse. Picture credit: From a glaciers perspective.

What I’m reading

I subscribed to New Scientist as an undergraduate, and I absolutely loved it. But then I graduated and had no money, so didn’t renew. I treated myself to a copy this month (£4.10, really?!), and thoroughly enjoyed it, to a point where I’m desperate to re-subscribe. Christmas is coming…

I’m also in the process of reading these books, some for fun and others in preparation for my PhD!



As I’m sure most readers now know, I don’t eat meat due to environmental, sustainability, and welfare reasons. However, as I continue down this route, I’ve started worrying about consuming dairy and eggs too. I don’t realistically see myself going vegan right now, but I am trying to explore possibilities and minimise what I eat.

I picked up a carton of ‘Oatly’ for £1.50, and it is the first dairy substitute I’ve tried. I’m slightly wary of almond milk as it’s imported a long way and is grown in drought-hit Calfornia, so it isn’t actually good for the environment which defeats part of the reason for not consuming dairy milk.

I’ve had it on cereal every day. It’s great! It tastes just like dairy milk, and I have barely consumed any milk since discovering this little gem. I’ve been too nervous to use Oatly in tea as I’ve heard it curdles, but apparently they also do a special barista edition designed for hot drinks; this is definitely going on my shopping list.

In the News

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