Versatile blogger award

Firstly, a huge thank you to Conservationist Krissy  (@Conservationistkrissy) for nominating me for this award! I’ve been reading her posts ever since I started blogging a few short months ago, and it turns out we have quite a lot in common (including our love for bats). I’m really pleased to have been recognised, as it’s lovely knowing that even a few people have been reading and appreciating my posts.

The Versatile Blogger Award allows writers to recognise the blogs which have inspired them with their valuable content, exceptional stories, and/or writing skills. I’m very excited that as a nominee I can now choose my own favourite blogs to put into the spotlight.

When you win this award, you have to accept it by writing a post with 7 random facts about yourself. I’ve already written about being meat free, so here are some other things that most readers probably don’t already know about me:

1. Costa Rica is my all-time favourite place

After finishing my undergraduate exams back in 2014, I spent two weeks travelling Costa Rica. It was the  single most incredible experience of my life (narrowly followed by the adventure I had in Borneo). I saw so much wildlife including sloths, howler monkeys, various bat species, snakes, and toucans. It was also the happiest place I’ve ever been, the local people are extremely welcoming and mostly passionate about preserving their environments. I particularly recommend Mount Arenal and Tortuguero; it’s always best to get off the beaten track if possible!

No picture credit needed, I took this one! 

2. I love drawing

As well as science, I also love art. When I was considering University, I even considered studying fine art rather than science (pretty glad I didn’t!). However, I didn’t enjoy having artwork marked, as it’s so subjective and every teacher had their own biases. I’ve recently started doing line drawings which I hope to eventually sell, and I sometimes attend day courses on etching, life drawing, or pottery throwing.

FullSizeRender 66

3. I played piano growing up

I recorded an album for my family and called it ‘pieces of CAC’ (after my initials). I clearly didn’t realise that CAC is pronounced the same as KAK, which means dog poo. Sadly, I stopped learning when I went to University so I’m rather rusty now, but I hope to have a piano of my own again someday.

4. Goats really tickle me

If there’s a goat video out there, I can almost guarantee I’ve already watched it whilst procrastinating. I find them absolutely hilarious, especially fainting goats!

I eventually want to have a small-holding where I can keep goats, chickens, ducks, and a menagerie of rescued animals so that I can live a relatively sustainable life (apart from when I travel, I think I’m always going to have a bit of wanderlust!).

5. I have a cat called Mulu

‘Mulu’ is named after a beautiful national park I visited in Borneo (Gunung Mulu NP). He’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever known; every time a tap is turned on, he jumps into the sink and gets soaked. Not sure he got the memo that domestic cats don’t usually like water…


6. I don’t know how to ‘relax’

You know how most people love ‘chilling’? I really don’t. I very quickly get stressed and irritable. My weekends have to be planned almost to the hour so that I don’t get bored, and I can’t think of anything worse than spending a week lying by a pool. The closest I get to relaxing is when I’m reading, but even then I’m likely to be worrying about the latest global issue or what I’m doing with my life. Not ideal!

7. I’m obsessed with home interiors

I adore mid-century modern and Scandinavian styles, and I was absolutely over the moon when I recently found an antique G-plan dressing table. I love the thought of reclaiming old furniture and using antique pieces to minimise the need for chopping down even more trees, and hope to have a stylish but relatively environmentally friendly home someday.

I have this exact dressing table and it’s my most prized possession!

Anyway, there we have it! Now for the exciting part where I announce who I’ve chosen as my nominees for the Versatile blogger award:

  1. PhD freaking out: I recently stumbled across this blog, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. Erica is a PhD student studying plant science and biology. Her posts are varied, from science communication to mental health. I love that she’s so open, and I think it’s really brave as I haven’t yet mustered up the courage to write about my own mental health concerns.
  2. Heidi R. Gardner: Heidi (@heidirgardner) is currently studying for a PhD, and has written some really informative posts such as ‘What is qualitative research’. She’s also great at promoting other science communicators. I am definitely going to continue reading everything Heidi writes!
  3. Ecologica blog: Sam Hardman’s (@shardman87) blog is beautifully written, with up to date news about nature, biology, and research. Sam has a PhD in behavioural ecology, and you can tell just from reading his posts that he knows his stuff.

Thanks again to Krissy for the nomination, over and out.


5 thoughts on “Versatile blogger award

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  1. Ha!
    I also wanted to go to art school. I did art all through secondary and high school…I love it! Mostly oil paintings. I’m so rusty though as I haven’t done to for years.

    And hey! My fiancé is always telling me off for not relaxing…I cannot simply do nothing. And holidays on the beach would bore me to tears 😛

    Seems we have lots in common 🙂

    Love the post. X


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