Favourite things: July 2017

Each month I’m going to write a post about some (mostly science related) things I’ve enjoyed. Firstly, I’m loving this blog! Her posts have given me inspiration for when I begin my PhD in October.

I like this blog too, in particular her post about bats and why we should learn to live alongside them (I’m a major bat fan as you’ll see in an upcoming post…)

In the News

Scientific Book of the Month

‘The secret life of flies’ – Erica Mcallister. I research flies in my current job in veterinary parasitology, so I was very excited that there’s finally a book showing the great diversity of flies; butterflies aren’t the only beautiful and fascinating insects!


Film of the month

I think it’s going to be rare that I have a favourite film as I don’t tend to watch many, but Okja is so worth mentioning. I’ve written about it here.

Fiction of the Month

‘The Handmaids Tale’ – Margaret Atwood. No, I haven’t watched the TV series, and it’s been on my to-read list for months. It’s taken me a while to get into it, but it’s a beautifully written harrowing story.

My favourite day in July

Bristol  LGBT Pride! Amazing atmosphere, and for a really good cause. What’s not to love? There is still so much work to be done here, especially when ignorant people like Donald Trump are still around; just this month he suggested he wanted to ban transgender people from working within the military.

Least favourite thing this month

‘What the Health’ – Netflix. Terrible documentary with little evidence and extreme bias. I was so outraged that I’ve actually written about it here.





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