Why more people should become tutors

Tutoring is great! Not only do you gain useful experience and make a difference, but you also make decent pocket money. I started tutoring just after University, and it is something I intend to continue for the foreseeable future. Here are a few reasons why I think more people should get involved:

  1. Tutoring is rewarding: Seeing your student(s) progress gives you that fuzzy feeling in your stomach. One of my students worked so hard that she improved her overall grade from a D to an A, and now she’s at medical school! Honestly, you’ll be so proud of them.
  2. Tutoring is great experience: Tutoring has helped me to gain confidence, develop teaching skills, and ensure I maintain a broad understanding of biology. These are skills that can be useful to many careers, so you really can’t go wrong!
  3. Tutoring is flexible: You can have as few or many tutees as you can comfortably take on; I currently just teach one student at a time to fit around my already busy schedule.
  4. Tutoring is pretty well paid: Whether you opt to go solo or work for an agency, you will generally receive between £15-20/hour. Not to be sniffed at if you’re a recent graduate! You do have to spend time preparing, but once you’ve prepared for one student it gets easier and quicker.
  5. Tutoring helps you to remember important concepts: Maybe I’m a geek, but I honestly enjoy recapping information I may have forgotten. It is rewarding being able to discuss scientific concepts that others may have forgotten about, and you never know when knowing these things will come in handy; I’ve definitely improved at pub quizzes!
  6. Tutoring can be carried out at home, or (sometimes) online: Depending on your students, you may have home visits, or you may visit their houses. But it’s up to you whether or not to take on a student; if they’re too far away, don’t sweat it, wait for a more realistic opportunity. I currently tutor over Skype, so it doesn’t matter where the student lives; it means more preparation, but it works great for me as there’s no commute!
  7. You can decide which level to teach: Personally, I didn’t think I had enough experience with younger children and the new curriculum’s used by primary schools, so I decided to stick with GCSE and A level.

I work through an agency (Tutor Doctor), which has worked well for me as it saves having the hassle of finding tutees myself. Without sounding like an advertisement, I really do recommend Tutor Doctor, I’ve worked for them since graduating in 2014!

Here are some benefits of working for Tutor Doctor specifically: 

  • Unlike a lot of other agencies, they consult the family and assess the student both for their academic level and learning style. This has helped me to as a tutor to gauge the best place to start, and it ensures that the client is firmly on board and enrolled onto a long term programme.
  • For core subjects in particular, you can have as many students as you desire; most of which will be on long term programmes. This has allowed me to have a reliable part time income.
  • Students are matched to tutors within just a few miles, so there are no massive commutes!
  •  Tutor Doctor have an easy to use database, making it super easy to keep track of  students  within just a couple minutes. This means there is little fuss, and you’re paid without any hassle at the start of each month!

There are Tutor Doctor agencies in most areas as well as other agencies,  but if you do decide to go it alone, you can advertise your services on various outlets such as Gumtree. Take it from me, I have found it much easier working through an agency, but you may want to give independent tutoring a go; just make sure you get DBS checked first!



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